Joy Laurey. The Girl Who Pulled The Strings Hardback

Joy Laurey, one of the pioneers of puppeteering..


This book is a celebration of the life of Joy Laurey, mother of Mr Turnip, amid the 71st anniversary of BBC’s Whirligig. She featured in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Weekly, and worked alongside Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds) on Twizzle, though her collaboration with Peter Ling (Doctor Who, Crossroads) and Peter Hawkins (Bill & Ben) for Mr Turnip is by far her most recognised achievement.


Prolific watercolour artist, WWII troop entertainer, successful businesswoman, travelling internationally to represent Great Britain as a leading figure in her field, and of course “the girl who pulled the strings” on BBC’s Whirligig.


For the past twenty years, Stuart Woodhead has been a Mr Turnip superfan. A lifelong collector of puppets and vintage toys, over the years he has amassed a wealth of original items, artwork, photographs, theatre programmes, professional stage puppets and other ephemera, and is now founder of ‘The Joy Laurey Archive’.


Many of the photographs within this book are exclusive and never before seen by the public, including behind-the-scenes images on the set of Whirligig, taken by Joy herself at BBC’s Lime Grove Studios, London. There are also archived personal photographs of her trip to Romania for the very first International Puppet Festival in 1958, as well as rare portrait work by Baron, an official Royal photographer.


Stuart Woodhead is passionate about preserving Joy Laurey’s life work and legacy, showcasing what a pivotal figure she was in the world of puppetry, and ensuring that the nation’s favourite and admiring vegetable Mr Turnip will live forever in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Joy Laurey. The Girl Who Pulled The Strings Hardback

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