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Joy Johnson was born the great grand daughter of the famous Drury Lane clown Sam Laurey hence the stage name Laurey!

She started her professional career with E.N.S.A. during the Second World War with her sister Honor and mother Dorrie making up The Jonathan Laurey Puppet Company. They entertained troops with puppet shows up and down the country.

Joy continued entertaining with and creating puppets, performing at such venues as the Lord Mayor's Children's Party London, and appearing at summer seasons at seaside resorts.

In 1950 Joy Laurey was visited by BBC producer Michael Westmore and he offered her the opportunity to make a puppet character for a television show called Whirligig.  She made a puppet based on his requirements and description and it was named "Mr Turnip".  The show proved successful and run for over 6 years.


Mr Turnip was a celebrity in his own right.  The merchandise that followed was more than any other TV celebrity.

Joy was commissioned to make a puppet character called Twizzle for AP Films produced by Gerry Anderson.  Joy made and operated the puppet characters for the 52 episodes that were produced.

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