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Paul and Peta Page

Honor was the younger sister of Joy, she also adopted the surname of Laurey.  Ian worked for the Laurey Company a relationship blossomed and they married.  In 1950 there was an invitation to the Laurey's to travel to Australia and perform on tour.  At the same time the offer of Whirligig was offered.  Joy decided to stay in the UK and perform with Mr Turnip, Honor and Ian would travel to Australia using it as a honeymoon. 


Whilst in Australia they soon realised they loved the Australian puppet and theatre scene.  They decided to rename themselves as Paul and Peta Page. They specialised in marionettes, and were noted for operating multiple puppets simultaneously. They started in Australia but soon brought there puppetry back to the UK and performed on many tv shows in the 60's and 70's. Amongst their characters were a trio of cat musicians, Jack the Sailor and a husband-seeking duchess.

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